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                                                         H.E.  ERIC KEN SHINSEKI
                                                       UNITED STATES SECRETARY
                                                              OF VETERAN AFFAIRS
                                                               Washington, DC, USA

Your Excellency,

I have great pleasure in conveying to you on behalf of the War Veterans Committee and myself our most sincere and heartfelt congratulations on your appointment as Secretary of Veterans Affairs of the United States. Members of our organization truly appreciate   genuine and sincere hospitality hosted to our Committees delegation during last August visits to National conventions of Veterans of Foreign Wars in Orlando, FL, and American Legion in Phoenix, AZ. 

We were really impressed once again by the scope and dimension of veteran movement in your country and its mighty organizational muscle unequivocally supported both by public and government. We shared with American veterans the insightful analysis of the challenges facing our nations and veterans today. Our exchange of views was really enlightening and gave us many things to contemplate as we continue to strive towards the expansion of peace, POW/MIA accountability and care for veterans.

We look forward to continuing our valuable dialogue with American veteran organizations so that we may continue to further strengthen veterans case worldwide and to support as public organization the activities of the US-Russian Joint Commission on POW/MIA. May perhaps our joint declarations signed serve as a basis for promoting better understanding, peace, honor and solace for the families and nations who still wait for at least information about their beloved lost and perished in action. 

My brief but very thoughtful chat last August with your predecessor esteemed Dr. James Peake had much added once again to my understanding and appreciation of possibilities and dimensions of US Government involvement in veterans affairs that could be regarded to a certain extent as a showcase for similar endeavors in other countries.   And the sobbing motto on the JPAC medal Until they are home painstakingly fits into our mission notably when we send our search expeditions to Afghanistan.

I hope, Mr.Secretary that we have a lot of things to do in the coming years to enhance our cooperation in veterans sphere both domestically and internationally and to convey our contribution to making world safer and more comfortable.

Allow, Your Excellency, express once again assurances of my highest consideration.

               Sincerely yours

                                                              Ruslan Aushev
                                                President, War Veterans Committee